Schutzhund A and 1 Protection

Maximum point score is 100 points.


Numbers of helpers is one. 2 blinds are used.

Reporting to the Judge

Each handler and dog reports to the judge with the dog on leash. The judge will send the handler and dog to the start position (imaginary center line). There the leash will be removed by the handler.

Search for the Helper - 5 points

Before the search begins, the judge directs the helper to the hiding place (blind). The helper must not be seen by the dog while moving into the blind and while in the blind. The handler begins the search at the direction of the judge. The handler releases the dog with the command to "Search" (Revier or Voran) towards the empty blind and then towards the helper. The dog should run directly to the empty blind and around it with one command. It is permissible for the handler to give a signal to the dog by pointing in the direction of the search.

It is not permissible to send the dog directly to the place for the hold and bark. The dog's name may be used with the command "Here" (Hier) or "Come". The search for the helper must be shown in normal, or forward. direction.

Hold and Bark - 5 + 5 =10 points

When the dog reaches the helper, the dog should immediately and continuously bark. The dog
should not bother the helper by gripping or bumping. The handler is to remain at the imaginary center line as indicated by the judge. The judge will signal the handler to pick up the dog. The handler goes to the dog and places the leash on the dog, holding the dog securely so that the helper can leave the blind.

The helper is directed by the judge to a new hiding place (blind) about 70 - 80 paces away in such a way so that the dog can not visually observe the location of the helper.

Free Heeling Towards the Attack - 5 points

On the direction of the judge, the handler steps out of the hiding place, gets in the basic position, and unleashes the dog. The handler hangs the leash across the shoulder or places the leash in a pocket.
Upon direction of the judge, the handler proceeds with the free heeling dog towards the helper's hiding place.

The dog must heel correctly. If the dog does not stay with the handler the judge will give the order for an early attack. If the dog should leave the handler before at least one half the distance is covered, 5 points will de deducted. A partial score can only be given if the handler and dog have covered at least half the distance towards the helper's hiding place.

Attack - 40 points

Upon direction of the judge, the helper will attack the handler and the dog without making
threatening sounds. The dog must immediately stop the attack forcefully with a full hard grip. The dog will now receive two hits from the helper with a flexible padded stick. The hits must be on the dog's thighs, flanks, or withers. Encouragement via the voice command "That's a good dog" (So ist braf) is permissible. On direction from the judge the helper stops the aggression and stands still. The dog must release the grip independently or releases on receiving the command to let go (Out or Aus)
one time, then guard the helper.

The handler, after receiving direction from the judge, will step beside the dog and put the dog in a basic position with the command "Sit" (Sitz). The handler then puts the leash on the dog and heels to a hiding place as directed by the judge. The judge orders the helper to hide in a designated blind.

Prevention of an Attack - 40 points

The judge calls the handler out of the hiding place. The handler gets in the position directed by the judge. The dog has to sit calmly. If the dog appears restless, up to 3 points can be deducted.

Upon direction from the judge, the helper leaves the hiding place, which is at a distance of
approximately 70 - 80 paces from the handler. The helper crosses the field in a normal/neutral
manner. The handler orders the helper to "Stop-stand still" (Bleiben sie stehen).The helper ignores the order and attacks the handler and dog, running directly at them from the front.

On the direction of the judge, the handler releases the dog and send the dog at the helper to repel the attack. A verbal command such as "Voran" is allowed. The dog has to repel the attack by pressing directly toward the helper and taking an energetic, firm, full, and secure grip. When the dog has taken the grip, the helper will press the dog briefly without applying stick hits. The helper will cease the pressing upon direction of the judge. The dog must release the grip independently or on the command "Out" (1 time) and then guard the helper. 

Upon direction from the judge, the handler approaches the dog and the helper at a normal pace.  When next to the dog the handler puts the dog into the basic position with the command to "Sit". The handler orders the helper to stand back three paces from the dog and to raise the arms. Then the handler orders the dog to lay down. The handler searches and disarms the helper. After the search the handler returns to the dog, orders the dog to sit, and puts the leash on the dog. The handler heels the dog to the right side or the helper and assumes the basic position. The side transport to the judge is demonstrated. The helper will then leave the field. The judge will give a critique and announce the score. The dog may be put in a down/stay during the critique.

Minimum point score is 80 points.

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