Schutzhund 1 Tracking

Maximum point score is 100 points.

Track Laying

Tracking on a 300 to 400 paces long track layed by the handler at least twenty minutes old with two objects on a 10 meter long tracking leash or tracking without the leash.

The track has two 90 degree right angle turns. The judge, by taking into consideration the existing terrain, will determine the course of the track. The start must be properly marked with a sign or
marker which is to be pressed into the ground at the left hand side of the starting point. The handler, after remaining at the starting point for some time, will proceed in the direction as indicated by the
judge and places the first article on the middle of the first or second leg of the track without interrupting pace or changing the stride. The second article is to be deposited at the end of the track.
The tracklayer will now proceed a few paces straight ahead and move away from the track. The handler has the option of tracking his/her dog freely or with a 10 meter leash. Both methods will be
scored identically.

Performance Rules and Regulations

The Handler must show the objects to the judge prior to the laying of the track. Only practical objects which are not greater than the size of a wallet and do not differ in color from the terrain are
to be used. So called search packages are not to be used during the trial, however wallets, eyeglasses cases, etc. can be used. During the laying of the track, the dog must be out of sight. The
scent of the track must not be disturbed when an object is placed, that is the track layer must not scuff or stop. The object must not be placed next to the track but must be placed onto the track.

The handler then proceeds to the dog and prepares the dog for the tracking exercise. The handler will report to the judge when called upon and advises the judge whether the dog will pick up or point
out the objects. To both pick up and point out the article is faulty. When directed by the judge, the dog is led quietly and slowly to the starting point and placed on the start of the track. Prior to the
start of the track and during the entire tracking phase, all force or pressure is to be avoided. At the start of the track the dog must be given sufficient time to absorb the scent. All tendencies of the dog
to start the track in an impetuous manner are to be avoided.

The dog must quietly pick up the scent with a deep nose. As soon as the dog begins to track, the handler must stop and let the length of the 10 meter leash glide through his/her hands. The handler
now follows the dog and maintains the 10 meter distance even though the dog may track without a leash.

Immediately after the dog has found an object it must be either picked up or convincingly pointed out with out being influenced by the handler. During the pickup indication the dog may stop and stand, sit or return to the handler. Forward motion with the object of picking up while lying down is faulty. The point out indication can be accomplished either by lying down, sitting or a standing stay. The handler drops the leash and proceeds immediately to the dog. By lifting the object high into the air, the handler indicates to the judge that the object has been found. It is permissible for the handler to step toward the dog who has picked up the object, however it is faulty if the dog continues with the object. The tracking leash may hang loosely when being held by the handler. The handler and dog
continue on the track. The objects are presented to the presiding judge after the completion of the track.

Minimum point score is 70 points.

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